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Baby*: The Tudor Gown

    Making a wish? Photo by Melissa Bagley This is my first Renaissance gown I have made, and the most complex. I made a few basic outfits ages ago, to wear at Renaissance Fair. One was a peasant type outfit made following Elizabethan Costuming Page. I love this website, it is so helpful! It was all twill and very simple, no trims or anything. I still have it. In fact, the bodice is now my hobbit bodice. The other was a fantasy Italian poly brocade number. I also still have that one. It has a very pretty, but ridiculously long sleeved, poly chiffon camica. Never again. Static central. Anyways, I decided that I really wanted a Tudor gown, a fancy Tudor gown, and I knew it would take a long time, and money, so I started the project in February and finished it in July. I could work on it gradually, and not have to go broke buying all the fabric in one go. I started with the petticoat, then kirtle, gown, smock, sleeves, hood, sash and jewelry. I cheated and wore an 18th century pocket u

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