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Nadja Cosplay: A Vampire Collar

HISSSSSSSS! I was thinking of buying a collar from Italian Goth Couture brand  Videnoir  but by the time the sale started, I got out of bed, checked to see if how much VAT might be, they were sold out. (Future self will be faster on the keyboard next time they have a sale). Their next sale would have been too late for the event so I had to make one.  Attempt #1 I started with a paper version to get the approximate size and shape that I wanted and then used the template to cut and assemble the wire form.  Paper template out of poster board Hypothetically this was a fine approach but there were two issues. One: the tension wasn't right so I had to bend the upper wire until it stayed upright. I quite like the shape but it wasn't what I was going for. Two:  There was no room for my head. So after it was all covered (I'll go over that later) I had to contour the wire so my head would have space to move. This shrunk the collar, again not what I was going for.  Paper collar vs. wi

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