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Tudor Tailor Part...the last part, First. The making of my French Hood

Photo by Melissa Bagley   I decided late 2018 to make a Tudor gown using T udor Tailor's Pattern for Henrician Lady's Petticoat, French Kirtle and Gown , and French Hood . I also decided that maybe I should document the process because when I make another one, which I will, I can look back and see what went well and what didn't. The problem is, is that I am terrible at taking progress shots. Just terrible. Especially when it is 2 in the morning and I have yards of fabric, covered in dog hair, all over the floor, and I am on a roll. I don't take them. At least thanks to social media, I've been taking more of them. So the first post of my Tudor trials will be about one of the last things I made, my French Hood. I love my French Hood! It is one of my favorite parts of the whole costume. I've made a few hat type things in the past, but nothing like this! It was also so, so, so very nice to be making something small after making the gown and the kirtle.

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